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    September 2001 -update
         - Australia Post were in attendance at St.Peters Stamp and Coin Fair and Salisbury Philatelic Society
           fair in October 2001and Counter Printed Stamps were available.

            St.Peters                                                              Salisbury

    November 2001 Update
       - Congress 2001 was held at Murray Bridge, South Australia, over the weekend of 10th and 11th November
          Australia Post were is attendance and Counter Printed Stamps were available.

            Congress 2001

       - The Stirling Philatelic Society (Inc.), Western Australia, issued a booklet to commemorate the 25th
          anniversary of the founding of the Society.
          The booklet contained two Flag and Kangaroo personalised stamps with the Societies crest on the tab.
          The issue was limited to 250 booklets.

               Front Cover of Booklet

               Pair of stamps

    January 2002 - Update
       - Australia Post issued a sheet of P-Stamps to mark the playing of the Final of the Davis Cup between Australia
         and France in Melbourne from 30 November 30 to 2  December 2001.

       - Australia Post issued a Special Event Souvenir (SES) sheet of stamps to mark the bi-centenary of the meeting
          of Matthew Flinders (England), his ship was Investigator and Nicolas Baudin (France), his ship was
          LeGeographe, in what is now called Encounter Bay off the coast of South Australia on April 8, 1802. The
          sheet is of 10 stamps in a 2 x 5 stamp format.

    - The reprint Tiwi paper has appeared at several locations. NPC, 4000 Brisbane GPO, Adelaide GPO machines 1
       and 2, A57 Blackwood, A59 Mount Gambier, A83 Gouger Street, A96 Oaklands Park, A77 Murray Bridge and
       B48 Victor Harbor.

    - March 2002 - Update
    - The reprint Tiwi paper continues to be used in more locations. The most recent reported are :
      Brisbane GPO machine No. 1 (previously it had been used only in machine No. 2) and A10 Coolangatta.
    - The Sydney Airport cliché number B99 frama machine was issuing faint stamps with the cliché number missing
      when it was visited on 2 March 2002.

    - The Adelaide GPO frama machine number 2 (the keypad machine) was issuing stamps during February and
       March 2002 with not much more than the value printed. This would certainly be due to a twisted ribbon.

    May 2002 Update
      - The Adelaide GPO keypad frama machine, machine No.2,  was removed from service on 26 April  2002.
        The button frama machine, machine No. 1 continues to operate satisfactorily.
      - The distribution of reprint Tiwi frama paper to post offices with frama machines has been irregular.
        Whereas all of the machines in South Australia (except Rundle Mall (cliché A15)) and some machines in
         Victoria and in Queensland have issued the reprint Tiwi paper, none of the machines in New South Wales
         have issued the reprint paper. In fact one machine in New South Wales is still issuing Festive paper and
         another is issuing  Emu paper!
     -  Australia Post have sought to clear up some of the confusion with Special Event Souvenir (SES) sheets,
         which are a development of the Personalised Stamps introduced in September 1999.
         In the Australian Stamp Bulletin No. 265 June-July 2002 it is explained that there are two types of SES sheets:
         Type 1 created by Australia Post in cooperation with a third party for sale to the public. These sheets have
         the Australia Post logo printed on the them. Examples of Type 1 are Davis Cup, LLeyton Hewitt and Stawell
         Type 2 created by Australia Post on behalf of customers for that customers exclusive use. These sheets do
          not carry the Australia Post logo.
         A list of Type 1 sheets will continue to be listed in the Australian Stamp Bulletin.
         A list of sheets, including Type 2 sheets produced on behalf of customers who are willing for this
         information to be published, will be available on request from the Australian Philatelic Bureau. As the list is
         updated (quarterly) it will be included in future Stamp Bulletins.
    -    Many countries in the European Union have begun issuing ATM etc. with the value shown in Euro only.
    July 2002 Update
    -   Although Festive Frama paper was withdrawn from general use in October 1999, Festive Frama paper
        continues to be reported as being used in Frama machines!
        The latest use of Festive paper was on 10th July 2002 from York Street, Sydney (2000/1 machine).

    Note: This is the "mid" rate in the present button set values of 45c, 49c, 50c.
              The button set values that were applicable when Festive paper was withdrawn were 45c, 90c, $1.35.
    -   The Adelaide GPO has issued two more Counter Printed Stamps in 2002.
         The first was a change of literal from "ADEL GPO" to "ADELAIDE GPO".
         Although 1st April 2002 was announced as the issue date, it was not available until mid-June 2002 due to
         problems with the equipment.

    The second issue was for St.Peters Stamp Fair on the weekend of 22-23 June 2002.

    -   Some of the most sort after varieties in Australian Framas and I suspect the same applies for ATM from
          many other countries, are Zero Values.
         Your editor was lucky enough to get a double strike on Tiwi paper, zero value over 20 cent value, when
          obtaining stamps from Murray Bridge (A77) in South Australia recently.

    September 2002 Update
     -   After being available for only approximately six weeks, the counter printed stamp issued from Adelaide GPO
         with the literal "Adelaide GPO" (see August 2002 update) was withdrawn on 1st August 2002.
    -    Although all counter printed stamp machines have now been removed from service at GPOs, following the
         removal of the machine from Adelaide GPO, counter printed stamps continue to be issued from stamp fairs in
         South Australia.
         The latest such issue was for the South Australian Congress held at Para Hills Philatelic Society on 21-22
         September 2002.

    PStamps (Special Event Souvenir Sheet stamps) continue to be issued by Australia Post and are still popular
         with collectors.
       Two of the more recent issue have been for the Victorian Canine Association (sheet of 20 stamps) and for
       Father's Days 2002 (sheet of 10 stamps) each sheet has decorative selvage.


    November 2002 - Update
    -   It has been announced by Australia Post that all Frama machines will be withdrawn from
         service on 30 June 2003.
    -   A Special Event Souvenir sheet of stamps was available at for the Melbourne Stampshow held
         over the weekend of 4 to 6 October 2002.The sheet consisted of twenty globe stamps with
         sports figures, the theme of the show, on the tabs.


    -   Swanpex 2002 was held at the University of Western Australia, Crawley over the weekend of
         12 and 13 October 2002.
         A Special Event Souvenir sheet of stamps was available. The stamps were the Kangaroo and
         Flag and there were twenty stamps on the sheet. The tab featured the logo of the event and the
         wording "sWAnpex/2002/CRAWLEY" .
         There was also available two sets of covers. One set with stamps from the SES sheet affixed,
         the other set with the stamps perfin.


     January 2003 - update
     - The new frama paper, titled "Farewell Frama", was released on 13 January 2003.
        This paper continued the policy of a design repeated over the length of the roll, however, unlike
        previous papers this paper incorporated 10 different Australian fauna or flora; kookaburra, waratah,
        common heath, helmeted honeyeater, magpie, Sturt's desert pea, gang gang cockatoo, royal
        bluebell, brolga and Cooktown orchid. It required 12 stamps to show the complete design.

    N.B. These three stamps represent only approximately one third of the complete design.
    - When the stamps became available from the NPC machine on 13.1.03, there was no decimal point
       in the value (unlike the stamps from Sprintpak illustrated above), however, from approximately
       20.1.03 a decimal point was included in the print about half way up the digits in the value.
       The no decimal point variety could therefore prove to be relatively scarce.
    -  It has been reported that the Frama machine at Broadbeach (A20) and at Bundall (B91) have
       been removed from service.
    -  It had been announced that all Frama machines and Frama papers would be withdrawn at the close of
       business on 30 June 2003.
    March 2003 - Update
    - Strathpine (B13) Frama machine has been removed from service prior to the announced date of 30 June 2003
       for the general removal of all machines.
    - Caloundra (A24) Frama machine was removed from service on approximately 13 March 2003.
    - At least one other machine , Canberra GPO (2601) is reportedly out of service and will not be put back into
      service before 30 June. (Both machine have issued Farewell Frama paper).
    - Several Frama machines are issuing stamps with very faint and/or poor imprints, eg B15 Port Pirie, A83
       Gouger Street, A10 Coolangatta and it is reported that as replacement ribbons are not available, there is
      unlikely to be any improvement in the quality of print from these machines.
    - Farewell paper Frama stamps have been issued from three machines that had previously been thought to have
      been out of service viz. A2 Toowoomba, A43 Bundaberg and A91 Underwood.
      These machines although they did issue Farewell paper were not accessible to the general public and are still
       considered to be out of service.
    - A list of Frama machines that have issued Farewell Frama paper is now available and anyone interested
       in getting a copy of the list should write, telephone or e-mail, Ted Barnes at the address shown below.
    May 2003 Update
    - With the demise of Frama machines in Australia on 30 June, it is apparent that postal staff are reluctant to
       have the machines that are not working perfectly, eg ribbon need replacing, as several machines have been
       producing less than acceptable prints. Two of this examples are A10 Coolangatta and B15 Port Pirie.
    - It has been reported that the two Frama machines at Sydney International Airport, B99 and post-code, have
       been out of service for some time due to a shortage of Frama paper and that it is unlikely that they will be put
       back into service before 30 June.
    - A decision was taken at the most recent meeting of the Group that ever effort will be made to keep the Group
      operating for so long as there is an interest shown by members either by submitting articles to the newsletter,
      by general correspondence and/or by interest in the Postal Bid Sales.

    - Postal Bid Sale No.9 was another successful sale conducted by the Group. Held in April/May 2003.
           sales of approximately A$5,500.00 were achieved from the list of lots that totalled 2,800 approximately.
           It is the intention of the Group to continue to conduct two Sales per year, in April/May and
           October/November, whilst interest from both buyers and sellers continues.
           Anyone interested in receiving a copy of the Postal Bid Sale listings should write to Ted Barnes at the
           postal or e-mail address shown as bids are welcomed non members of the Group.
    - Postal Bid Sale No. 10 will be conducted in September/October 2003 after a successful result from Sale No. 9
       which is now concluded.
       Bids from non-members for lots in the Postal Bid Sale No.10 are welcomed.
    -  Despite the impending removal of Frama machines in Australia, we continue to attract new members to the
        Group and this augurs well for the future of the Group.
        Membership fees have been maintained at a very low level and this is no doubt one factor in new members
        joining as it surely represents great value for any one interested in world ATMs.
    -  Australia Post continue to issue Special Event Souvenir sheets of stamps.
        One of the latest issues commemorates the Last Time Tour of one of the most popular Australian
        entertainers, John Farnham.
        The sheet features details of ten of Farnham's greatest hits from the period 1968 to 2002 together with
        photographs of Farnham throughout his career.

    July 2003 Update
    - Frama stamps were withdrawn in Australia at the close of business on 30 June 2003 and the Frama story that
      began with the issue of the Barred Edge Frama issue on 22 February 1984 came to an end.
    - A special Last Day postmark was used on 30 June to mark the occasion.

    - Three examples of inverted Farewell Frama paper being issued have been reported from  A57 Blackwood,
       A96 Oaklands Park and B48 Victor Harbor.


    - Postal Bid Sale No. 10 will be conducted in September/October 2003. Bids from non-members will be accepted and any non-member wanting to obtain a copy should write, telephone or e-mail for a free and post-free

    September 2003 Update

    - Both Frama machines at Sydney International Airport (SAI) ie no-postcode and B99, were fitted with Farewell Frama paper before removal of all machines.

    - The Sydney International Airport (SIA) no-postcode Frama machine was not withdrawn from service until 7th July2003 . The self service station adjacent to this Frama machine was out of order and in an effort to provide travellers with the opportunity to purchase stamps, the licensee of the post office at SIA sought and was granted permission to keep the no-postcode Frama machine operating until the "station" was put back into service (this occurred on 7 July)

    - Counter Printed Stamps with the literal "Congress 2003" were available from the South Australian Congress stamp show held at Tanunda on 30-31 August 2003. The CPS were printed on the kangaroo and koala series of six stamps. The minimum value available was 50c.

    - Counter Printed Stamps with the literal "St. Peters 2003" were available from the Stamp and Coin Fair held on 20-21 September 2003. The CPS were printed on the kangaroo and koala series of stamps. The minimum value available was 50c.

    There will be a further three stamp shows held in Adelaide viz Salisbury, Stampex and Aeropex, in 2003 at which counter printed stamps will be available.

    - Australia Post have issued another of the Special Event Souvenir sheet of stamps that have been so prevalent over recent years. Issued to commemorate the Australian International Airshow held at Avalon Airport, Geelong, Victoria held on 11 - 16 February 2003, the sheet of ten stamps, in a five by two format, features a globe of the world with Australia prominent and highlighted and on the tab and an aircrft disappearing off the tab with the airshow logo streamimg out of the engine.

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